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The #1 Rated Relaxing Pet Bed

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Why We're the #1 Rated In The Pet Business

My Benny has arthritis and some joint pain. After buying him this bed, he doesnt get off it. Its so soft and durable. Im so glad i purchased this!!!!

Ash Taylor

My lab absolutely love this bed!! I have purchased countless number of expensive beds for my cats and lab and they never like any of them until now! I will be purchasing more of these beds so my furry loves can have them in my apartment and my house!

Alexa P.

My goodness! I read so many reviews before I purchased this calming bed! Our year old Havanese pup has extreme anxiety during the awful thunderstorms that frequently occur over the ocean in our front yard! So we decided to get some tranquilizers from our vet for bad storms and we ordered this 70 cm calming bed! Just like so many reviewers said my Tanner jumped right into this bed as soon as we put it down for him and stayed for hours! We were incredibly surprised. Tanner has so many varieties of dog beds he really never liked one in particular until now. 

Maureen Guzman

It took our skiddish old man shiba two days before he would even go near it, but we left it out and eventually he was laying on it and now he’s always on it! We live in a pretty busy part of town and sometimes the noises are too much for him, but this bed really seems to help him stay calm and “reset” if needed! 

John P.

It took only 7 days to arrive! My little greyhound is delighted she likes it very much! This is the best purchase i've made all of quarantine. It's absolutely amazing and works wonders on my dogs stress levels!!!

Jamie Lopez